Therapist Resources

CNN Article 11/18/20:  Doctors: Health care workers are experiencing more than Covid-19 burnout by Megan Ranney and Jessi Gold

NY Times article 5/16/20:  I Can’t Turn My Brain Off’: PTSD and Burnout Threaten Medical Workers:  Before Covid-19, health care workers were already vulnerable to depression and suicide. Mental health experts now fear even more will be prone to trauma-related disorders.

New E-book:  EMDR Resources in the Era of Covid-19edited by Marilyn Luber.  A rich  collection of educational guidelines and clinical practice approaches focused on caring for those impacted by the pandemic.

Springer Publishers is making available articles and other resource material related to disaster response including material related to EMDR.

Two computer driven bilateral EM and audio stim programs are available which integrate with online streaming programs such as Jitsi, and Zoom:: and

Ignacio Jarero: Ignacio Jarero:   The Butterfly Method for Self-administered BLS during Online EMDR Therapy.

Sample Teletherapy Consent Form:   This sample was contributed by a member of the  EMDRDN.