You must be an experienced EMDR therapist to join this Network.  That means that you have completed an EMDRIA-approved training program, taken advanced EMDR trainings, and participated in case consultation with EMDR colleagues.   

Each therapist who registers on this site agrees to establish a reduced fee schedule (with the maximum fee no more than 50% of one’s standard fee) for the six sessions offered to clients not seen on an insurance basis.  Therapists also agree to expedite the delivery of services, if at all possible, to clients who are in crisis.  

On the registration form, you are asked if you are certified by the EMDR International Association. If you are not yet certified but have considerable experience as an EMDR trauma therapist, we invite you to join this network. Also, if you have specific populations you specialize in working with, please indicate that on the Registration Form. That could assist those who will be seeking help.  Therapists can choose to offer continued services at a re-negotiated fee for clients who wish to continue treatment or, when this is not possible, will suggest referrals to other therapists or mental health service agencies.

REGISTRATION IS A 2-STEP PROCESS:  First, you will create a Profile which is comprised of a username and password.  The next step will involve filling out an information form which includes contact information and information about your professional credentials and specialties.  This information will be available to people who are searching for a therapist on the site. After completing the registration, you will not receive a confirmation message from the site but you can use the Find A Therapist search function to see if you profile has been posted.  Wait several minutes to do so after submitting your profile information as there will be a short processing delay. 


Please circulate the website link of this site to all of your EMDR therapy colleagues wherever they might practice. We hope to develop an extensive network of EMDR therapists willing to be of help in this time of crisis. Also, please circulate this website link to other healthcare professionals you know, local professional societies and groups, hospitals, clinics, police, fire, and EMS stations, social service agencies, and community organizations so that the EMDR Disaster Network is made widely available.  Here is a letter describing the Network you can use to share with others.